European Startup Prize for Mobility – For innovative startups shaping the future of transportation!

Do you run a game-changing startup that shapes the future of mobility through technological innovation?

EU Startup Prize is a programme that supports startups with a viable MVP to scale all over Europe. If you are looking to boost your growth and get more investors and partners on board, apply for the program now! Get a chance to be awarded by our special partners, enter our unique acceleration program and benefit from an equity-free and free-of-charge initiative cofounded by the EU parliament, BCG and Via ID.

The European Startup Prize for Mobility has one goal, accelerate the international expansion of the best European mobility startups!

Startups can access the equity-free and free-of-charge unique EU-founded acceleration and investment program (providing visibility, investment, mentoring, and advocacy to the EU), and gain multiple opportunities via the one-stop-shop to EU public and private partners in search of investment, industry partnerships, and trade opportunities.

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