Startup Weekend Thessaloniki - February 2018

From 23 to 25 of February, OK!Thess has been a crossroad of creativity, design, coding and fresh ideas. Startup Weekend Thessaloniki was a 54-hour event where developers, designers, marketers, product managers and startup enthusiasts came together to share ideas, form teams, build products, and launch startups!  The weekend featured hands-on experiences where aspiring entrepreneurs could find out if their startup ideas were feasible. Moreover, it was a great chance for young entrepreneurs to meet and mingle with experienced professionals and get feedback from market experts. Here are some numbers:


  • Total attendees: 47

  • Mentors: 9

  • Mean age: 27,2 (Younger: 18, Older: 54)

  • Diversity ratio: 75(M)/25(F)

  • Ideas pitched: 14

  • Teams formed: 9

  • Sponsors: 20


The event’s purpose was to let the bright newly formed teams visualize the startup process within a weekend, by working together, creating a business plan and learning from professionals and experienced coaches. After a long round of voting, on Friday night, the following 9 nine teams were created.


  • The Airbnb for winemaking

  • AltBot: Provides real machine-driven data analytics on blockchain capital markets

  • Resit: Reserving the table you love made simple with Messenger bot.

  • Active Ladies: We make quality products for yoga and also build a community of active women

  • Eventbonfire: A startup that assists event attendees to network easier.

  • Trust Cargo: A trusted multipart transportation contract.

  • AquaGuard: An intelligent lifeguard assistance system

  • Blind's Questions Software: An navigation app for blind people that combines computer vision with user feedback


Coaches jumped in on Saturday noon and tried to understand each aspect of the challenges that teams were facing. They interacted with the attendees for more than 8 hours in total, giving valuable pieces of advice based on their experience. Startup Weekend Coaches included.


  • Nick Papanotas - GeekBot

  • Nikolaos Tsoniotis - OK!Thess

  • Georgia Tsiamanta - Golden Gate Pro

  • Alexandros Melis - IEK ALPHA

  • Vasso Kalaitzidou - Venture Friends

  • Anthi Malteza - Freelancer

  • Sakis Zafeiropoulos - GeekBot

  • Evgenia Zachariadou - Athlenda

  • Yiannis Konstantakopoulos - Porcupine Colors


By the end of the hardworking weekend, teams had to pitch their own startup in front of a jury composed by


  • Simon Bensasson (City Councillor)

  • Yiorgos Bontzios (Entrepreneur)

  • Costas Vasiliou (Entrepreneur)

  • Eric Parks (Investor)


The judges said “It hasn’t been so easy to choose”, despite the difficulties and after a long judging meeting they elected the following winners


  • Honorable mention to AquaGUARD

  • 3rd Place: Eventbonfire and Trustcargo.

  • 2nd Place: ReserVit.

  • 1st Place: AltBot


The winning teams shared prizes provided by the Startup Weekend Thessaloniki Sponsors:


  • OK!Thess

  • GeekBot

  • Golden Gate Pro

  • DEVit Conference

  • Marathon VC

  • Velocity Partners VC

  • Coho - The coworking home

  • Mediterranean College


  • Gallileo Gallilei Language Institute

  • Ratio-Law

  • MLS - Making Life Simple


Most valuable prize? All participants met each other, created teams, worked collaboratively and exchanged ideas and good practices. For all of them, Startup Weekend has been only the beginning of a great future.