We are hiring


Short description:

Coaching a certain number of teams throughout the pre-incubation/acceleration program lifecycle.

What is coaching at OK!Thess:

Coaching teams at OK!Thess means striving to bring out the best in startup founders through structured work. It also means serving as inspiration for early-stage entrepreneurs. You need to be diligent and proactive in working with your teams to help them succeed. A coach drives weekly meetings with the teams and guides them in gathering all the data required to validate their business hypotheses, understand their market, evolve their product and make their ideas happen.

Everyday work:

  • Support the startup teams at the Product/Business development level, helping them analyze, refine, plan, present, validate and rethink their business proposition

  • Contribute to running and improving the pre-incubation and acceleration program of OK!Thess

  • Network with professionals that are able to help/mentor the incubated teams, put teams in touch with mentors and facilitate feedback loops

  • Gather, analyze and present quantitative and qualitative data on teams’ progress

  • Inspire your teams to work hard and stay focused and determined


  • You are an active entrepreneur who wants to give back to the community.

  • You have founded your own startup company, launched your own innovative product or service or have worked in an early-stage startup environment at least once.

  • You have solid communication, organization and presentation skills


Apply now by sending your CV along with a motivational letter to mail@okthess.gr