OK!Thess is recruiting! - June 2019

OK!Thess has two interrelated roles:

  • The first is to offer a pre-incubation program helping startups to evaluate the potential of their business idea, validate the need for their product in the market and develop a business model.

  • The second is to contribute to the emergence of an innovation ecosystem in Thessaloniki and the wider region. This is achieved, among other ways, by organizing and hosting events and promoting synergies between different actors of the ecosystem.

OK!Thess is looking to grow its team with new part-time and full-time team members to support a number of internal functions. We welcome applications by talented individuals who can potentially cover several of the functions outlined below.

  1. Program management:

    1. Manage the training program (e.g. arranging workshop themes and dates, coordinating with speakers, collecting feedback from attendees and reporting outcomes)

    2. Manage the coaching program (e.g. coordinating with coaches, tracking progress, collecting feedback, reporting outcomes)

    3. Monitor the progress of startup projects and maintain up-to-date metrics

    4. Assist in managing the mentoring program (e.g. helping with mentor/project matchmaking, facilitating visits by Entrepreneurs-in-Residence)

    5. Assist in managing the investor network (e.g. helping with organizing demo days, arranging investor office hours)

  2. Marketing management:

    1. Develop a marketing plan for OK!Thess

    2. Design and execute online and offline promotion activities in sync with events and community support activities

    3. Coordinate with third-party marketing-related service providers

  3. Press relations:

    1. Disseminate high-quality content relevant to the entrepreneurial community and to the innovation ecosystem in order to maximize press coverage

    2. Create awareness among journalists for OK!Thess activities, locally, nationally and internationally

  4. Content management:

    1. Contribute to the marketing plan through the authoring of different forms of content (blog, website, social media, press releases, newsletter etc) in both English and Greek

    2. Contribute to promoting events and community support activities through the generation of audiovisual content for online channels

    3. Curate third-party content for OK!Thess online channels

  5. Technical assistance:

    1. Maintain and extend the new website of OK!Thess

    2. Manage our collaboration tools (Slack, GSuite, etc)

    3. Manage event equipment (projectors, skype teleconference etc)

  6. Event support:

    1. Support the preparation and execution of internal and external events

    2. Coordinate with event service providers (catering, cleaning, security)

    3. Plan event logistics (e.g. registration desk and welcome packs)

    4. Recruit and coordinate volunteers for events

    5. Secure and manage sponsorships for events

  7. Community support:

    1. Plan and organize internal team-building activities

    2. Liaise with meetup organizers and disseminate OK!Thess news and activities

    3. Stay up to date with developments in the community and actively promote synergies

  8. Coaching:

    1. Meet with startup teams on a weekly basis to advise them and ensure they are making progress according to the acceleration program objectives

    2. Evaluate and report the progress of OK!Thess teams

    3. Assist in matchmaking startup teams with external mentors

    4. Support OK!Thess training and mentoring events such as masterclasses and workshops


Applicants should submit:  

  • A motivation letter (in English) where they specify:

    • functions / subfunctions they can support

    • time availability (part-time / full-time engagement)

    • type of engagement sought (freelancer / employee)

  • A CV that demonstrates their relevant past experience.


Please submit your application by mail to mail@okthess.gr at your earliest convenience. Interviews are scheduled to take place during the week  17-21 of June 2019.

UPDATE: Applications close Thursday the 13th of June, 23:59

Please contact Tel: +30 2313317303 if you don’t receive confirmation 2 working days after submission.