OK!Thess program explained

Every incubation cohort starts with a Boot-Camp and a series of masterclasses. Well for our latest cohort we went all out, as one might say. Not only did we have our Bootcamp, which in our case is a month and not just a weekend, but we went the extra mile. We managed to organise one intense weekend and eight masterclasses over the course of the first month, complemented by seven more specialized ones after that.


Our cohorts traditionally start with a rigorous weekend on “Business model Canvas” and basic “Financial Analysis” of the teams’ ideas, supported by KEMEL, the Centre for Volunteer Managers Greece. There’s something unique watching the faces of the team members when 60-70 year old people walk in the room. You can almost hear their thoughts…”Reaaallyyy? This guy?”. Yet once name-dropping and background experience come into play, you can hear jaws hitting the ground. Former CEO of Ogilvy One, former CEO of Algida, former CEO of Schneider Electric, former General Manager of ETEAN…and the list keeps growing.

Following that it was “hammer time”, with masterclasses every Tuesday and Thursday evening for the rest of the month. OK!Thess coaches and KEMEL representatives host some of the masterclasses, like the following:



For other subjects, we put our network into action and hosted seasoned professionals and entrepreneurs like:


  • "Incorporating your business" by Mr. Kalfas (A.TL.AS Consulting)

  • “Digital Marketing” by Mr. Dimitriadis (BrainBox)

  • “Negotiations” by Ms. Charalambidou (Negotiations & Dispute Resolution Specialist)


However, this time we didn’t stop there. We wanted to build more on the skillset and knowledge of our teams by “putting the cherry on top” as the saying goes, organizing seven more masterclasses as follows:


  • “Sales” by Mr. Damianidis (SingularLogic)

  • "5+5 tips for a successful participation in exhibitions"  by Ms. Pagouni (microSTARS)

  •  "Exports for startups" by Ms. Pagouni (microSTARS)

  • “Social media marketing” by Ms. Vavitsa (PRO SEMINARS)

  • "Hands-on advertising on social media" by Ms. Vavitsa (PRO SEMINARS)

  • "Start-up success and lessons learned" by John Roa (no comments, just check him out!!!)

  • “Branding” by Mr. Helmis (Colibri)


Check out each and every profile in this list. Mustering a gazillion years of experience in such diverse fields is not an easy task. Nevertheless, we did it and we’ll keep doing it for our teams in the best way possible.

Ooohh and did I mention the Demo Day coming mid-May where all teams will be able to get feedback from VCs and Angel investors! Well, there is that little thing too ;)



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