Match and Develop a Startup

From Friday the 30th of March to Sunday the 1st of April 35 research teams and startups from Thessaloniki participated at the “Match & Develop a Startup” workshop organized by the NBG Business Seeds in partnership with the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and OK!Thess. On one hand, the workshop helped teams to improve their business plan and public pitching, while on the other prepared them for meeting potential investors. The workshops included business plan preparation, legal consultation, and communication parts so as the teams set up a highly organized company, create exportable products and finally reach their destination... “The real market”


The atmosphere was extremely creative and positive. People from the startup community stated to that the young scene of Thessaloniki is hotter than ever. Creative meetups are full of people and there is a belief that great things are going to happen in the near future. “There is a common sense that ideas being under development for a long time could be now transformed into viable businesses that will bring economic growth to the area, while collaborations and partnerships have already started growing”. Will 2018 become a cornerstone year for startup entrepreneurship in Thessaloniki, and Greece?


Experienced entrepreneurs mentoring the young ones:


A very important aspect that shows the growth stage of the young, magical, startup ecosystem of Thessaloniki is the mentoring process that took place on Saturday morning. Executives from well known local companies and bodies cooperated with all the 35 teams consulting them, based on their real market experience, beyond the theoretical level. Additionally, experienced executives tried to build future cooperation bridges with the teams. Innovation always is in the eye of bigger companies so they remain up to date with the market progressions.


Mentoring sessions were delivered by the following people and companies: Ms. Maria Rammou and Mr. Alexandros Ahilleus from Veltio, Mr. Amanatidis, Vafeiadis and Taxlidis from Epsilon NET, Mr. Alexandros Triantafillis from Viozokat, Mr. Thomas Douzis from Ergon, Mr. Christos Tsikoudas from Logismos, Mr. Jacko Carasso from Agnotis, Mr. Stavros Vologiannidis from Datascouting, Mr. George Bouzianas from Fieldscale, Mr. Lefteris Tsakiridis from Dataways, Mr. Nikos Kanopoulos from Brite Solar Technologies, Mr. Apostolos Kritikos from the Open Coffee, Mr. Nick Pananotas from Geekbot, Mr. Konstantinos Stroubakis from Apifon, Mr. Costas Vasiliou from SchooX, Mr. Alexandros Papapostolou from Papapostolou Healthcare Technologies, Mr. Nikos Takas from Thermi, Mr. Dimitris Tzovaras from CERTH, Mr. Alekos Stratidis from NBG, Ms. Chara Daouti from law office Lampadarios, Ms. Sofia Tsakiri and Mr. Manolis Chatzigiannis from the Tech Transfer office of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Mr. Giannis Konstantakopoulos from Porcupine Colors, Mr. Patroklos Argyroudis from Cencus, Ms. Faye Orfanou from the National Documentation Center and Mr. Dimitris Papadimitriou from Microsoft. Moreover, Mr. Olivier Dovergne from the Greek-French innovation network Mazzinov, of the French embassy in Athens along with Mr. Christopher Chantepy, the ambassador of France in Greece, were also present.