KEMEL BMC Workshop Results

A outstandingly useful and interesting session between the “Centre of Volunteer Managers of Greece”, the teams hosted in OK!Thess and some other startups and potential startups in the city took place on January the 12th.

A four man team from, all top managers of prestigious companies, braved the freezing temperatures and the consequences of our foggy airport and arrived to deliver a full idea-load of their collective experience on the basics of startups and entrepreneurship.


The meeting was organised in three parts: Firstly, the Business Model Canvas was presented, with an extensive analysis of its “right hand part” of the canvas - there, where so many startups fail. Identifying the market (the customer segments) and ensuring value in their propositions are the key initial elements considering that 80% of Apps are used only once, and 42% of startups fail because of lack of demand for their brilliant, or otherwise, idea. Together with the importance of identifying the channels of communication with the market and ensuring good customer relations in advance it was obvious that the session would concentrate on important principles (and sometimes tricks) of marketing and that was done brilliantly by the team of four.

Secondly, the teams hosted at OK!Thess presented their business ideas and these were discussed by all and especially the KEMEL team identifying potential problems for solution.

Thirdly, four tables were set up, each chaired by one of the KEMEL mentors with a rapporteur taking the form of a “clinic”. The problems identified in each of the four teams who presented their canvas were discussed identifying the avenues to their solution. Each table had a rapporteur and conclusions were reported in the last sitting.

It was clear from the discussions during the event as well as in its aftermath that the teams found very high value in the contribution of KEMEL and the consensus opinion is that we all wish this to be the beginning of an ever closer cooperation. As the coordinator of OK!Thess said paraphrasing Rick from Casablanca, he hopes that this might be “the beginning of a beautiful friendship”.

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