Interactive Seminar on Negotiations

In reality, a successful negotiation is the result of techniques and skill that develop with time and practice. In the modern entrepreneurial environment in which a startup is called continuously to cope with the challenges of cooperation in the team and the speed of the market the entrepreneur is called to negotiate almost on a permanent basis. Negotiating skills may push the team to work more productively without internal problems but also to achieve its goals when negotiating with investors, clients or external collaborators.

On 24 February 2017, OK!Thess organises an interactive introductory seminar on negotiations. Specifically, the participants will have the chance to examine issues related to negotiations inside the team, such as cooperation between its members but also matters that relate to negotiations with investors and clients in two interlinked sessions. The goal is for the participants to:

  • Identify possible issues and prevent future problems in their cooperation
  • Learn how to prepare before each negotiation with investors or clients so that they can fact future challenged on their own


Part A: In-team negotiations


  • 18.00: Introduction to negotiations
  • 18.15: Role-play in groups on preset scenaria
  • 18.30: Feedback on results
  • 18.40: Presentation: In-team negotiations. Distributive and integrated negotiations. Traps at the startup phase
  • 19.00: Break
Part B: Negotiations with Third Parties


  • 19.15: Role-play in groups on preset scenaria
  • 19.30: Feedback on results
  • 19.40: Presentation: Negotiations with third parties, ΒΑΤΝΑ and ΖΟΡΑ. Achieving objectives and avoiding risks
  • 20.00: Q&A

Instructor: Eleni Charalambidou(WebsiteLinkedIn), Mediator & Dispute Resolution Specialist 

Requests for participation at (Subject: "Interactive Seminar on Negotiations"). Please provide, name, telephone and email.

- Places for non OK!Thess teams are limited