In the heart of the ecosystem

From Friday the 19th to Monday the 22nd January, OK!Thess was packed with entrepreneurs, new ideas, and creativity. The 4-day program included the introduction of 7 young teams in the Winter-2018 cycle of our program via a complete Bootcamp, the Demo Day of the Autumn-2017 cycle, and the Open Coffee Thessaloniki meeting that featured presentations of 3 new venture capital funds willing to invest more than 60 million euros in new technology companies based in Greece.




Friday 7pm and OK!Thess welcomes 7 new teams, Aidplex, Cando CNC, Fibro-l, Proclisis, SimpliCity, Skilz, and Videoscoutme. After the initial introductions with our team and the place where they will spend the next 3 months, participants had the opportunity to exchange views in a relaxed atmosphere with the accompaniment of pizzas and beer.

The weekend continued with intensive work. Participants were introduced to the process of creating a business model via the Business Model Canvas, verifying the target market and preparing financial statements for the companies they are dreaming to create. The keynote instructor was our close partner KEMEL, a team of senior managers with extended experience, that specializes in guiding new entrepreneurs by solving questions and proposing alternatives to the problems they are facing.

On Monday morning we had the final presentations of those who participated in the Bootcamp. The five-minute presentations simulated a real meeting with investment funds, while the participants had the opportunity to hear why the funds would not invest in their business at the current stage - in other words, what are the weak points of their idea and why they have to focus primarily on them. Finally, they were advised on how to make their companies investment ready during their three-month stay at OK!Thess.


Demo Day

The presentations were divided into 2 groups (Investment and Feedback), the separation was made in accordance with the capital readiness of each team. The three investment funds that participated, Unifund, Venture Friends and Metavallon, together with representatives of the NBG seeds of the National Bank, had the opportunity to meet the OK!Thess Autumn-2017 graduates and also teams from all over the city. In total, the following 17 teams were presented.


Investment track

The group of presentations was of teams supported by the entrepreneurship education structures of AUTH, Innovation Farm, i4G Pro, Venture Garden and OK!Thess. The following teams were chosen by each educational structure.

  • Nexobi: A three-member team of young scientists who have built an ERP platform for small businesses, mainly hotels and catering.

  • A medical data management software development startup, which also manufactures remote data transferable sugar meters.

  • Carealia: Intelligent interpretation and fusion of information from the 'web of objects' and from sensors embedded in clothing to improve the efficiency of care, clinical decisions and the comfort of individuals who either live under clinical care or alone and the comfort of those who care for them.

  • Callibrie: A mobile telephony application that acts as an Intelligent Personal Assistant, aiming at timely identification and immediate meeting of users' communication needs.

  • Openhouse: A system that helps users look for their next home or next occupation based on data that meets their real needs and results in a pleasant experience.

  • Cyclopt: A system that provides a range of analysis services that allow simple monitoring of the software development process.

  • PLiN Nanotechnology: Specializes in the production and characterization of nanoparticles of metals and their oxides, for applications in cosmetics and para-pharmaceuticals, building chemistry and agro-technology.

  • GoZone: A real-time online aid for water sports, which is addressed to schools, surfers, sailors, and trainers. Collects real-time data and helps users to properly handle the wind.

  • KINVENT: The company designs and develops innovative products for the analysis and measurement of high-precision human motion in cases of natural injury recuperation.


Feedback track

The group was exclusively completed by OK!Thess graduates who had the opportunity to "expose" themselves to investors as a first step in trying to raise funds for the realization of their business idea.

  • Cubes Coding: An educational platform consisting of a robot and a combination of a tactile/graphical interface designed to help children learn to programme by playing.

  • GrekAddict: A digital travel and direct booking business for tailor-made activities.

  • Loceye: The first cross-platform software to analyze eye movement.

  • Octappush: A social network for games applications where the user can learn what his friends are using.

  • Rational Data: A social networking platform to help food lovers discover new places and dishes.

  • Legalpal: A system that interconnects individuals (and businesses) with lawyers by simplifying the search for legal services.

  • Project Veltio: A device to help catering professionals and passionate cookers to bake perfectly a fillet with repeatability.

In addition to the three investment funds, the following members of the Advisory Board of OK!Thess were present

  • George Mitakides

  • Simon Bensasson

  • Anagnostis Argyriou

  • Filip Stojanovic

  • George Dimitriou

  • Aristos Doxiadis

  • Marina Hatsopoulos via Skype

  • Aggelos Angelou through Skype

  • Spyros Arsenis - Observer

  • Stelios Argyros - Observer


Open Coffee Thessaloniki

Attendees had the chance to meet the three newly launched venture capital funds, as well as to listen to brief announcements for the Thessaloniki Startup Weekend and the NBG seeds of the National Bank of Greece.


  • Katerina Pramatari and Konstantinos Laikas, Uni.Fund's partners. The initial size of Uni.Fund is 27 million and is expected to reach 40 million for seed and pre-seed investments (Equifund Innovation Window) in companies involved in IT and e-business (eg ICT, IoT, health-tech, fintech, insurance tech, etc.), innovative products and services (trade, agro-food, shipping, tourism, health, etc.) materials, energy, environment, etc.).

  • Giorgos Karantonis and George Mouzmoulas, partners of Metavallon. Metavallon manages € 31.3 million by investing in seed and pre-seed (Equifund Innovation Window) investments in companies operating in the fintech, energy and cybersecurity sectors and working with exponential technologies such as artificial intelligence, the blockchain, and robotics.

  • Apostolos Apostolakis and Giorgos Dimopoulos, partners of VentureFriends II. VentureFriends II is the second fund of the group and will make seed and series A (Equifund Early Stage VC window) investments in companies operating in all areas of the internet with a small preference in the software as a service and marketplaces.