Digital Innovation Hubs Workshop

Thessaloniki Innovation Zone (TIZ) in cooperation with European Commission - DG Connect, “Directorate General for Communications Networks, Content and Technology”, have the honor to invite you to the event “Digital Innovation Hubs –The AgroFood case” that takes place on Tuesday, March the 14th, 10:00 - 14:00.

The EC recently published a communication promoting Digital innovation hubs (DIH) as ecosystems that support bottom-up innovation in a specific industrial sector benefiting of the competitive advantage offered by digital technologies. Ideally such hubs consist of SMEs, large industries, startups, researchers, accelerators, and investors. They aim to create the best conditions for long-term business success for all involved. The EC plans to focus 500M€ investment from Horizon 2020 on digital innovation hubs and mobilise an estimated 5 B€ for regional investment. The workshop will focus on Agrofood and explain to the local innovation ecosystem the notion of DIHs presenting European best case examples and addressing a range of questions, indicatively: what are the main characteristics of the innovation hubs? How are they created? How the EC can help? What works well and what does not? How do the hubs achieve sustainability?

The audience will consist of members of the local innovation ecosystem of Agrofood, i.e. farmers, industry representatives, academics, researchers and politicians.


  • Registration: 9.00-9.30
  • Welcome addresses: 9.30-10.00
  • Introductory remarks: 10.00-10.10 Mr. Pantelis Angelidis, President, TIZ will setup the goals of the discussion towards industry digitisation focusing on the RIS priorities and especially Agrofood
  • Presentations:
    • 10.10-10.30 Mr. Ioannis Tafillis, General Secretary on Digital Policy, will present the National Digital Strategy of Greece that has recently been concluded
    • 10.30-10.50 Mrs. Alexandra Tasigiorgou, Programme Officer, EU Policies, DG CNECT, EC, will explain the Digital Innovation Hubs initiative and the relevant EC activities emphasizing on the issues that are of particular interest to Greece
    • 10.50-11.10 Mrs. Anda Ugarte Judit, Andalucia region will share her experience from the relevant initiatives in her Region and she will showcase successful examples and indicative projects
  • Coffee break 11.10-11.30
  • Panel Discussion - 11.30-13.30 Moderator: Mr. Simon Bensasson, Councillor, City of Thessaloniki Short 5’ remarks by:
    • Mr. Nikos Efthymiadis, President, Technology Park, will present the Greek Agrofood industry perspective
    • Mr. Theofanis Papas, Vice Governor of Rural Economy, Region of Central Macedonia*, will detail the Digital Innovation initiatives of the Region as applied in the Agriculture and Food Industries, the current status of play and future steps including funding and collaboration opportunities
    • Mr. Kostis Kaggelides, Chairman of the Managing Board of SEPVE, will present the Greek IT industry perspective
    • Mr. Anagnostis Argiriou, Ph.D., Senior Scientist, Deputy Director, Institute of Applied Biosciences, Centre for Research and Technology Hellas will draft on recent relevant research activities and outcomes
    • Mrs. Eleni Maloupa, Director of Institute of Breeding and Plant Genetic resources, HAO DEMETER will draft on recent research activities and outcomes in regards to Agrofood sector
    • Mr. Nikolaos Tsoniotis, AgriAccelerator, will present the farmers’ point of view, especially in regards to recent innovative entrepreneurial activities in Greece
    • Followed by a panel discussion of all speakers on the potential of setting up a Digital Innovation Hub on Agrofood in RCM.
  • Conclusion: 13.30-13.45 Prof. Em. Athanasios Tsaftaris, Dean, Perrotis College, American Farm School, will wrap-up the discussion and set the framework for the creation of a Digital Innovation Hub on Agrofood in Northern Greece

More information:
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