Spring 2018 Demo Day




It is May the 15th and Thessaloniki’s Spring Demo Day is here. OK!Thess has already invited all of Thessaloniki’s startup support programs and organizations to propose some of their best startups for pitching to a group of invited Venture Capital funds and business angels from Greece and South-East Europe. 


Startup support programs & organizations:


  1. ACT, VentureGarden

  2. Coho

  3. American Farm School, Perrotis College

  4. Aristotle University, Technology Transfer Office

  5. Atlantis Consulting

  6. i4Gpro

  7. OK!Thess

  8. Thessaloniki Technology Park


Τhe Demo Day starts with a roundtable discussion at 10:00 am. Invited business angels and VC fund managers share thoughts on potential collaborations at a regional and global level. After a short round of introductions, the discussion jumps into a brainstorming phase on ways of empowering startup founders in the Balkans with the hard and soft skills needed in order to start-up, build global and sustainable businesses, grow, and generate value for the region.


Investor roundtable participants:


  1. Eric Parks, Velocity Partners VC

  2. Katerina Pramatari, Unifund VC

  3. Alexandra Choli & Myrto Papathanou Metavallon VC

  4. Bruno Bolsens, BigPi VC

  5. George Brashnarov, CEO Angels Club

  6. Stanislav Sirakov, LAUNCHub Ventures

  7. Max Gurvits, Cross Border Angels

  8. Nikolay Yarmov, CEED Bulgaria & CEO Angels Club

  9. Angelos Manglis, Atlantis Consulting, Adrion Business Angels Network

  10. Nikolaos Karamoschos, Infodim

  11. Filip Stojanovic, Segura Consulting, OK!Thess

  12. Simon Bensasson, OK!Thess


It’s around 12:00 pm and the 12 startups who are going to pitch to investors have already arrived. They are busy with networking and last minute changes to their presentations. Pitching starts and teams have only 10’ to explain their solution, impress investors and get asked for a 30’ one-to-one meeting later in the day.  

Pitching session startups:


  1. Movvin (via Coho) offers integrated solutions to Road Transport Operators (RTPO) and especially those who are active in the Tourism sector.

  2. ErgoSensePro (via Technology Park) evaluates athletes’ movement and develops customizable training programs for coaches and trainers of professional sports teams.

  3. myAlgos (via ACT) combines mobile and web technologies with the internet of things devices to enhance communication and collaboration between chronic pain patients and their medical team.

  4. Cubes Coding (via OK!Thess) develops Robotiles - a system that makes programming education fun and effective by combining tangible programming instructions (tiles) with robots.

  5. EmbIoTs (via i4Gpro) is an embedded IoT solution for construction power tools that helps users track where the tools are, how they are being used and when they need maintenance.

  6. Elektronio (via ACT) redefines conventional bicycle & combines two trends in the bicycle market, electric & cargo.

  7. Callibrie (via Atlantis) is a mobile application acting as an Intelligent Personal Assistant that predicts its users’ communication needs and satisfies them at the exact moment they are born.

  8. Grekaddict (via OK!Thess) - is the place for high-quality unique travel experiences.

  9. PLiN (via Auth) is a research-driven spin-off company of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, specializing in the fabrication and characterization of tailored metal and oxide nanoparticles.

  10. Turnand Peripherals (via i4Gpro) is a hardware startup that designs and develops smart peripherals for smart devices that overcome everyday obstacles and enhance user experience.

  11. Yummy Wallet (via Atlantis) is a crossover between a mobile payments app and a loyalty rewards service.

  12. Loceye (via OK!Thess) helps businesses understand how their customers use online products and how they interact with visual elements on a screen, using remote Eye Tracking analysis.   


It’s around 3:00 pm and an additional 11 startups arrive. Τime for office hours and one-to-one meetings with investors! Investors select the teams they would like to meet with, the timetable is announced, investors take their places in separate meeting spaces inside OK!Thess and teams start rotating to meet with them - for 30’ each. A total of 55 one-to-one meetings take place within 4 hours.


Office hours session startups:


  1. Exoha (via Perrotis College) develops an AI-based scheduling solution that offers unique features for employee shift allocations.

  2. Openhouse (via i4Gpro) is a real estate platform that disrupts the way users search for a house and/or business space and transform this search to one of their most pleasant experiences - the way it should be.

  3. Project Veltio (via OK!Thess) designs a new cooking solution for boneless meat that utilizes thermodynamic principles and intelligent control to achieve the desired cooking results every time.

  4. Legalpal (via OK!Thess) is a web-based platform helping users find and hire the right lawyers for their needs, while also allowing users to generate legal documents online, through a series of questions.

  5. Nabz (via OK!Thess) is a fun new way to help foodies decide where to eat.

  6. Rhoe (via OK!Thess) offers a hardware and software solution that assists mid-sized municipal authorities to issue and handle parking fines faster, by automating the end-to-end process.

  7. Proclisis (via OK!Thess) is a software service for small and mid-sized enterprises that handle large volumes of complex purchases every month through small procurement departments that are typically understaffed.

  8. AidPlex (via OK!Thess) manufactures thermoplastic splints for healthcare organisations and professionals to provide their patients a lightweight, reshapeable and recyclable alternative to conventional solutions.

  9. Skilz (via OK!Thess) develops a tool that enables asynchronous communication between educators and their students with online video.

  10. K-INVENT (via OK!Thess) creates connected devices for physical rehabilitation that enable therapists to improve - and demonstrate - the results of their work while making training fun for their patients.

  11. Octappush (via OK!Thess) aspires to be the online community for mobile app users/gamers and developers. The one stop for users to rate, comment and discuss their favorite (or not) apps/games.


It’s around 8:00 pm and another Thessaloniki Demo Day has successfully come to an end. The team at OK!Thess wants to thank each and everyone that participated. You are awesome! What's next? We are in the second week of the Bootcamp month for the Spring 2018 cycle and the masterclass on “Assumptions Validation” is coming up tonight. For the next 3 months we’ll be keeping ourselves busy with 10 fresh startups getting ready for the Autumn 2018 Demo Day. A hot summer is around the corner...