Autumn 2018 Bootcamp

On Thursday 11, 2018 OK!Thess hosted 18 teams which presented their business ideas in front of a jury so to decide which of them will attend the 6th cycle of our acceleration program. The open call for Autumn 2018 brought in 28 applications in total and 18 of them attended the Bootcamp Weekend on the 5th, 6th and 7th October, during which they were introduced to the principles of the Business Model Canvas. Based on the knowledge gained these days, teams had the opportunity to create their own presentation and introduce their business idea to the jury of OK!Thess thus claim a position among the teams which will participate in the intense program of the incubator.

So, the winning teams are:

Knowhub: A system that addresses the problems of lack of physical presence in the same office. Knowhub is used for creating and managing a corporate knowledge repository to help remote teams work better and manage what information they need to operate in an organized way.

Thrive Exclusive Management Solutions: A toolkit of sales strategies and tactics to help pharmacies and clinics (but also other small businesses) increase their liquidity and turnover by training sales staff and using tactical hands-on management.

Wchess: A platform that enables chess lessons in remote areas around the world and includes a chess e-shop and chess multimedia books.

PrestaCareer: A new job search platform that helps unemployed and employers to get in touch in a more efficient way.

TremorFreeMe: An innovative medical device to suppress hand tremor with electrical muscle stimulation, and improve patients’ quality of life.

iCry2Talk: An app helping parents understand their babies and respond directly and correctly to their needs by translating the crying of the baby in real time and matching it to the physiological or psychological need it expresses (eg hunger, pain, fear, etc.) using advanced artificial intelligence technologies and displaying the result in text, image, sound and sign language.

Bettingun: A betting automation service to help companies of the wider i-gaming industry to automate the bet placement of their users, using our API.

QuantPool: An algorithmic, API-automated, quantitative trading strategies creator to help small-cap investors both access the hedge fund market as an alternative investment vehicle, but also make informed decisions with respect to their capital management and attain competing returns.

Youthnest: A community of professionals that implements projects, interactive workshops and educational programs helping Thessaloniki's ecosystem to promote effective innovation and create real impact.

WineBingo: A wine tasting application to serve HO.RE.CA which integrates wine tasting into their activities. WineBingo turns boring seminar tasting into a game where all participants interact with each other. A courier services solution that resolves transparency and cost issues for private and small businesses.