BMC Workshop Reloaded

The cooperation between OK!Thess and KEMEL continued with a second workshop on 6 March 2018 from 10:00 to 17:00. This workshop was again based on the Business Model Canvass – a key tool for preparing a successful start-up. While the first workshop focused on the “right hand side” of the canvas and thus on marketing aspects, the second one was on financial issues – the second most important reason for a startup’s failure (after “no market need”).

The workshop consisted of two parts.

In the first part, basic notions and tools of financial analysis (P&L, Cash Flow, Break-even etc) were presented and their usefulness in validating the BMC’s assumptions. An exercise session aimed at better understanding followed. After a break, SWOT analysis, brainstorming and other techniques which may have an effect in the resolution of a startup’s early problems were developed.

In the second part, selected teams from OK!Thess presented their BMC and in particular the financial side. Discussion followed after which fixed teams of KEMEL mentors and startuppers attempted to address the weakpoints of the BMC’s identified in the discussion by means of the techniques presented in the first part.

The workshop closed with a presentation of the results. All workshop's material is available - in Greek - here.