Investment oportunities for startups @OK!ThessDemoDay

Investing in startups at OK! Thess Demo Day

A record number of Demo Day attendances and meetings with a strong investment interest for startups!

We successfully completed the 5th Demo Day organized by OK! Thess, the accelerator of startups created at the initiative of the Municipality of Thessaloniki, during the 84th TIF.

Demo Days are special events organized by OK! Thess to allow networking between startups and venture capital investors from Greece and abroad.

The 5th Demo Day was organized as part of Digital Greece, an initiative of the Ministry of Digital Governance and TIF - Helexpo, implemented by Industry Disruptors / Game Changers. OK! Thess is involved in this initiative, as well as other startup support structures, universities, research centers and funding agencies across the country.

The biggest startup and investor networking event in Greece saw more than 150 closed meetings. Venture capital funds and business angels have shown great interest in the startups involved in Demo Day, with further discussions already under way.

OK! Thess's 5th Demo Day recorded a record number of startups. The Thessaloniki start-up business accelerator has received 79 applications,  60% more than the previous competition. The teams that were ultimately selected and found  investors to present their innovative idea reached 41 and in addition to Greece, they come from Cyprus, Serbia, England and Spain.


The number of investment groups and business angels that participated in the great innovation celebration organized by OK! Thess was significant  . A total of 20 investors from Greece, Cyprus, Bulgaria and Serbia chose the groups they wanted to meet individually and listen to their business model. To date, over 380 startups meetings with investment representatives from Greece and SE Europe have led to Demo Day events, which have led to venture capital investments of over € 1,500,000.

This great interest from both investment groups and startup teams shows that through the efforts of OK! Thess and other stakeholders in the city, the data on the innovation ecosystem in Thessaloniki have begun to change.

Through its acceleration and event cycles such as Demo Day, OK! Thess's drive is to inspire new teams, researchers and existing small and medium-sized businesses to drive innovation and leverage it into sustainability-driven business ideas.

Demo Day is an opportunity to network not only between investors and startups but also between investors themselves. During the event, a meeting was held in which OK! Thess's network of investors exchanged views on the development of the ecosystem in Greece, Cyprus and the Balkans with the aim of collaborating to expand the market.

OK! Thess receives applications for the 9th acceleration cycle through September 22, 2019.

OK! Thess's acceleration program is aimed at those who have new ideas and would like to start an innovative business. It is a 3-month training and support program designed to guide entrepreneurs, students, researchers and anyone who wants to develop an innovative idea into a viable business model.

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The teams that took part in Demo Day: 

11pets - A comprehensive pet care application that provides the opportunity to exchange information where necessary.

HomeCooked UK - HomeCooked's mission is to deliver authentic home-cooked meals from certified chefs to those looking for more than standard food.

FightHoax - FightHoax helps companies with news analytics data for programmic advertising.

Inteligg - The SmartBox4U is a portable device that provides a smart integrated solution to prevent possible asthma attacks due to exposure to poor air quality.

CargoShare - A marketplace that connects shipping companies and freighters while also automating the freight brokering process.

Rewundo - Rewundo helps Customer Support Teams resolve technical problems in B2B SaaS products without the help of a developer.

Reborn Tales - History through holographic experiences.

Embiots - Fleet management systems and data collection on their use in order to avoid costly damage.

Octappush - This is a feedback platform that helps companies design profitable games.

Quantflare - Quantflare provides macro-economic analysis and information on capital markets. - It is an innovative application for cancer patients that works as an advanced general practitioner.

PiDust - The cutting edge of quantum information technology is used to solve problems such as material design and drug discovery.

GX Blocks Energy - This is an energy blockchain company with the goal of creating hybrid energy / blockhain products in Fintech.

Hagtec Ltd - Software company providing data analytics in the agricultural sector.

Arteavita - The goal of Arteavita is to make housing or accommodation affordable and easy for everyone.

Meton Innovatence - Meton Innovatence is the world's first form-fit thermal function system for night and adverse weather flying conditions designed for commercial and general aviation.

Bappy - Bappy allows code-free mobile applications to be created by users who are not software developers.

SEAMX - Seamex is developing an integrated sports event management platform to improve the participants' experience.

Rave Atlas -https: // The world map of rave culture.

AidPlex -https: // A HealthTech startup that manufactures orthopedic aids providing a better recovery experience than conventional methods.

ComeTogether - This is a social network, powered by an EOS Blockchain protocol.

LucyVerse - Lucy, the first electronic anti-theft device to protect and control your bag, turns it into a 'smart bag'.

Cannav Oil Hellas - A modern industrial cannabis plant that exports pure cannabidiol oil for retail and wholesale.

Bubbllz - Bubblz turns every sales and customer interaction into an advertising opportunity for companies.

iResTech - The company's goal is to provide solutions to marginalized segments of the population.


Social Skills Animation - SSA contributes to the social integration of children and young people with autism with high quality supportive technology.

Airbots - Airbots helps farmers minimize the use of water, fertilizers and pesticides and increase the quantity and quality of their harvest in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

DGROOPS - Simplify group bookings for travel companies and hotels using technology and data analysis. - The first cloud service for smart building management on computers, tablets and mobiles.


3asyR - 3asyR is an application that helps people with dyslexia read easily online content.

LiveStreamTV - LiveStreamTV is a multi-camera mobile video system that helps event organizers broadcast their work live on many social media outlets.

OVIVIEW - With Oviview, professionals can see job candidates through custom video presentations prior to actual interviews. It eliminates cost, time and distance.

NoKeys - A cloud-based application for managing short-term rentals. It eliminates the need for physical keys and is simple, safe and effective.

PlantBox - PlantBox offers unique, innovative and attractive packaged plants.

LoopCV - LoopCV is an automated job search platform for faster job search, according to your preferences.

Peace by Peas - Peace by Peas offers plant-based foods that combine natural processing techniques with local organic ingredients customers with specialized needs.

Capsule Skateboards - With the unique Capsule Skateboards formula, custom skateboards are made to suit everyone's preferences.

Nanometrisis - Nanometrisis software extracts valuable information from tiny images that help Nano-Tech companies improve their manufacturing process.

SBOING - SBOING is transforming its patented technology into the world's new navi-pedia, embracing the challenge of advanced satellite navigation and routing.

HAM Systems - Offers its own software platform and hardware solutions for commercial and residential environments.

Elektronio - Elektronio is a premium bike company that creates premium electric bikes that give a different dimension to urban mobility.