Thessaloniki Climathon: Inspiring behavioral change for a climate friendly city


The organisation of Climathon in Thessaloniki is an opportunity to open for the first time a broad discussion on climate change. The impacts of the phenomenon is gradually becoming evident and adds stress to already existing challenges for the city, from micro-climatic conditions and mobility through to strategic planning and decision making for urban development. Air quality degradation, the increasing frequency of weather extremes, droughts and extreme heat-waves and an apparent shift in seasons are among the manifestations of the phenomenon in the city. Thus it is understood that consequences are going to impair the daily functioning of the city on different levels: from quality of life to urban infrastructure and the use of public space through to mobility, energy and food production and consumption, and waste management.

Inspiring behavioural change to a wide audience of the society will be at the centre of the event’s agenda and, therefore, ideas will be developed around this concept. The development of sustainable and applicable solutions/tools in the city-scale is expected. Collaboration will be promoted during the workshop to create synergies that will help participants to mature innovative feasible solutions, while it will also provide the City with new good practices in the field of urban resilience strategy within the context of the '100 Resilient Cities' initiative in Thessaloniki.

For more information visit Climathon's website.