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Alumni network

Our graduates comprise the wider OK!Thess network. They meet at regular intervals to exchange post OK!Thess views and knowledge and they are also invited to help our hosted teams as Mentors.

Teams Hosted


An application that brings in contact item or equipment seekers with product owners, who are willing to rent them !


An application giving the opportunity to contact the accommodation of your choice in real time.


Super Relief

Folding footstool for dealing severe intestinal problems.


Architectural elements to help architectural firms provide their clients with “ready to install” acoustical and lighting products.


An online silk scarves gallery helping art & fashion consumers “meet” artists and buy their artworks printed on limited edition 100% silk scarves.

The Paper Boat

An online travel platform to help busy parents choose for their holidays qualified family friendly businesses in Greece.


Our company, Artivistic, is developing a network for artists to help them connect and pursue work opportunities on global scale through their online portfolio.


With RoofRate tenants can trust any rental property without physically seeing it by receiving a comprehensive apartment review from local experts.


Act4energy is consulting agroindustrial sector SMEs for producing energy from their wastes


Levart is a mobile app that helps travelers to create personalized trip itineraries with Artificial Intelligence in just a swipe.


Αn offshore hybrid wind/wave power generator in order to provide uninterrupted electricity generation to fish farms.

Zero Foods

Zero Foods is developing vegan meat & fish substitutes, to help vegans & vegetarians eat sustainably, with our plant-based food products.

Survey Design Assistant

Survey Design Assistant is developing a service to help researchers achieve higher response rates and findings of better quality with a text-based and voice-enabled chatbot.


Egreeno is a new series of pure natural detergents with some special innovative features


DOBE is an HR/Employee engagement platform that helps working professionals and organizational leaders leverage cultural fit and workplace engagement.


Oliveex develops an integrated monitoring and alerting solution for fermented food industries to improve food safety using Internet of Things technologies.


Maintenance Management Software to help asset owners and managers, reduce operational costs by lending technicians, an extra digital hand.


AI-powered inspiration services for travel sector, fostering personalisation and agility in the decision making process.


A limestone based material that can be used as an alternative textile to plastic materials.

Pet Heaven

A cemetery for our little friends in Northern Greece.


Web platform providing solutions for food wasting in tourism industry.


A platform bringing together parcel senders with travellers who take and deliver sender’s package to the respective destination.


A fleet tracking application allowing businesses to track their fleet in real time, communicate and assign routes to them.


An online food delivery platform connecting customers with restaurants using a shared delivery agent network.


A forecasting of wind energy generated system with the use of satellite data and artificial intelligence techniques.


A software helping insurance companies calculate the risk of flood at any given place for better risk management.


Platform for finding workers, fields, equipment, training and communication for farmers.


Marketplace aiming to promote contemporary fashion and design brands from Greece.


Platform allowing social media influencers to hold one-on-one video sessions with fans.


Online booking platform for outdoor activities worldwide.


Service and technology solutions for managers of real estate property.


Flexible subscription-based software for process automation in small businesses.

Up For What

Platform helping users pick and mix local athletic activities from multiple providers.


Online platform helping UX designers grow their portfolio and improve their skills.



AccellUp accelerates the validation process for startups targeting the silver market.


A HealthTech startup that manufactures orthopedic devices providing a better rehabilitation experience than conventional methods.



Augmented Reality solutions bring ancient ruins back to life.


BIO2CHP offers companies with organic waste a generator that converts organic matter into low-cost green energy.

Blue Urchin

We grow sea urchins. Sustainable aquaculture with a new species of high nutritional and economic value.

Cando CNC

A CNC machine that creates your designs in your space, every time.


Live video streaming platform for artistic events and music concerts.

City Vibes

We are the Snapchat for bars and nightclubs. See what’s going on in your area before you go out. Advertise your business for free.


Collaborative economy for events, supported by an EOS Blockchain protocol.

Cubes Coding

CubesCoding, is developing a toy robot and prefabricated blocks to help children learn by playing.

Cyber Phalax

Cyber Phalanx provides affordable and accessible cybersecurity solutions.


Doggo is the 1st Greek mobile app aimed at dog owners and combines social networking with information!


Elektronio is an award-winning startup that builds premium electric bikes with a revolutionary design.


Enchatted offers cutting-edge QA services for optimizing conversational user experiences and virtual agents.


A postal service that solves the problem of opacity and cost for small private businesses.


Fibro-l is an innovative insulating material for improving the temperature inside the beehive.


Freights is an application that combines freight exchange with a variety of services that help users in their daily lives.

Go Zone

GoZone is an online water sports aid that collects real-time data to better understand sailing.

Greek Tasty

Greek Tasty is a state-of-the-art online store with fine Greek foods for the US market.


Grekaddict is a digital travel and activity marketplace with instant booking for visitors to Thessaloniki.


Augmented reality technology that helps tourists discover and navigate travel destinations.

Hellenic Soccer Union

We are creating an online platform using a map that connects sports clubs in Greece with businesses.


iCry2Talk is a non-invasive, intelligent interface that translates the baby’s crying in real-time and matches it to the baby’s needs.


Web-based tax consulting and accounting services for Greek immigrants.


Interior Design In Vivo-indivivo, is your personal digital decorator.


Online comparison platform for local and international health insurance packages.


INOMO is an innovative furniture company known for its original, high-end fiberglass furniture design.


At K-INVENT we design and create innovative products for high precision analysis and measurement of human motion.


Software technology for improved supply chain management through blockchain.


Legalpal is developing a platform to help users find and hire lawyers, collaborate, create and share legal documents online.


Live streaming services for multiple social media destinations.


Loceye develops the first cross-platform software for eye movement analysis.

Math training gloves

An enjoyable, mathematical training aid for young children with learning difficulties.


Movvin is a platform for value-added transportation services and travel experiences.


Netscan is a network diagnostics service for websites and aims to reduce their customer support time.


Cloud-based solution for keyless access to short-term rental properties.


We offer foodservice professionals a fillet griller that allows for repeatable results.


Octappush is a social network for your mobile apps/games. Find out what your friends and people you trust are using.


Proclisis is a procurement system for companies in the construction sector with a large, complex or frequent monthly purchasing cycle.


We offer small securities investors a platform for algorithmic trading strategies with simulated risk-return profiles.

Rational Data

We are designing a social media platform to help food lovers discover new places and dishes.


Decision support systems for intelligent construction.


We aspire to modernise the booking process, with new visualisation methods and social media features.


Rhoé provides a hardware and software solution that helps mid-sized public authorities to issue and manage infringements, automating the process end-to-end.


Seamex is developing an integrated sports event management platform to improve the participant experience.

Shifting our city

Designing urban games that help tourists and citizens learn about a city.


SimpliCity is developing an online service that aims to increase citizen participation in local communities, as well as transparency in all decision-making processes.


Skilz is an online course platform for professionals to grow their business and master new skills.

Smart Mobility Solutions

Data analysis and decision support for energy producers and consumers.


Soulscan develops a platform for mental health professionals


StandOUT is an opportunity search platform for young people with the main objective of personal development and preparation for the labour market.


Thrive Exclusive Management Solutions provides solutions in the organization of sales in pharmacies.

Tickets For Good

Service that helps event organisers promote their events while creating social impact.


It recommends a discreet wearable medical device designed to improve the quality of life of people suffering from uncontrollable tremor.


Videoscoutme is the first online platform to connect Athletes, Scouts and Agents with Videographers to obtain their Video CV!


A platform for the market of cryptocurrencies, designed to assist investors in making decisions based on market sentiment.


Chess educational online platform, through which chess players from all over the world come together.


Online training and professional development platform for musicians.


Youthnest designs modern social innovation programmes and professional empowerment workshops for young professionals.