Applications for Cycle #13
of OK!Thess acceleration program


What is the acceleration program of OK!Thess?

The acceleration program of OK!Thess supports entrepreneurs working on innovative early-stage business concepts. It helps participants mature their ideas in a short period of time and discover a financially viable and scalable business model that will allow them to grow, as startup businesses, in large markets.

This is achieved through:

  • Training on methodological tools for business model discovery (Lean Startup Methodology) and basic skills pertinent to entrepreneurship
  • Personalized advisory by the startup coaches of OK!Thess in a weekly basis
  • Networking with experienced professionals who provide mentoring in specialized topics
  • Access to funding through the OK!Thess investor network (Venture Capital funds, business angels) as well as through alternative sources of funding

Through several more other activities OK!Thess also helps participants to grow their network and become part of Thessaloniki’s innovation ecosystem. Since the beginning of 2017 the acceleration program of OK!Thess has provided support to 120+ innovative business ventures.

Adapting to the challenges posed by the pandemic in Greece, the 13th cycle will be carried out online.


When does the program take place?

The acceleration program takes place in 3-month cycles and accepts new participants 3 times a year. The next cycle of the acceleration program will be #13 and deadline for submitting your application is November 28th, 2021 (Sunday, by 23:59).

You can watch a video from the 9th cycle Bootcamp from October 2019 at this link.

What is the application process?

Teams are accepted into the program through an evaluation process that consists of two phases:

1st phase: Each team is evaluated based on its submitted application form in order to be invited to a week-long Bootcamp, consisting of 24 hours of online training (mandatory attendance).

2nd phase: On the last day of the weak-long Bootcamp each team presents its project to a selection committee which evaluates the projects and decides which ones are accepted into the full, 3-month-long acceleration program. The full program has a 3-month duration and includes 36 hours of mandatory training workshops and masterclasses, as well as weekly online meetings with the startup coaches of OK!Thess.

Important dates:

• 28/11/2021 (23:59): Deadline for submission of applications
• 2/12/2021: Completion of 1st Phase of evaluation and invitation of applicants to be selected for the Bootcamp
• 3/12/2021 – 10/12/2021: Bootcamp (online workshops lasting 25 hours, mandatory attendance)
• 10/12/2021: Presentations of teams that completed the Bootcamp to the Evaluation Committee (Pitching Event)
• 10/12/2021: Announcement of the teams to be accepted in the full four-month program of the 13th acceleration cycle.

Which are the obligations for whoever is accepted into the program?

The teams which are selected at the end of the Bootcamp to be accepted in the 3-month acceleration program follow a common training program and a personalized coaching program.

During the whole cycle, every Thursday afternoon (18:00-21:00) a mandatory training masterclass/workshop takes place. Workshops / masterclasses focus on training on methodological tools for business model discovery (Lean Startup Methodology) and basic entrepreneurial skills. Indicative topics:

  • Introduction to Lean Startup
  • Product/market fit
  • How to build your MVP
  • Market research methods
  • Competition mapping
  • Who is your customer
  • Experiment design
  • Basics of startup financial planning
  • Negotiating agreements
  • Product management
  • Sales for startups
  • Online marketing for startups
  • Social media for startups
  • Problem solving, creativity & advertising
  • Investment readiness (why I wouldn’t invest in you)

In addition to the training program, participants meet with their startup coach once a week in order to discuss progress, to evaluate the deliverables that they have worked on and to address challenges. As part of this process, coaches also bring the teams in touch with experts from the mentor network of OK!Thess.

Are there any fees?

Participation in the Bootcamp of OK!Thess is free of charge. Provided that a team successfully completes the 2nd stage evaluation at the end of the Bootcamp and is accepted into the full program, there is a symbolic fee of 150€ (per project) as a contribution to the activities of OK!Thess.

How can I apply for participation?

To participate, fill in the following form, hit submit and wait for the confirmation email. In case you don’t receive it, contact us at .

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