Hosted Teams

AidPlex logo

AidPlex manufactures 3D printed plastic casts, adjustable for all kind of patients.

Cando CNC logo

A cnc machine to fabricate your designs in your place, anytime.

Cubes Coding logo

CubesCoding, is developing a learning platform that contains a robot along with a tangible/graphical interface to help children, learn programming through playing.

fibro-l logo

fibro-l is an innovative material that improves the beehives' insulation.

GrekAddict logo

Grekaddict is a digital travel market for visitors of Thessaloniki to browse activities with instant booking.


K-INVENT conceives and manufactures innovative measuring and training devices in physical rehabilitation and sports biomechanics.

Legalpal logo

Legalpal is developing a platform to help users find and hire lawyers, using our job portal to collaborate, create, and share documents online.

Loceye logo

Loceye aims to launch the first cross-platform software for eye tracking analysis.

Novel logo

We offer to restaurant industry professionals a fillet cooking machine that permits repeatable results.

Octappush logo

Octappush is a social network for app users and developers. We help users find the best mobile apps/games based on the people they follow.

Proclisis logo

Through Proclisis businesses connect with suppliers and receive an increased number of uniform offers thus optimizing the selection process.

Rational Data logo

We are developing an online social platform to help foodies discover new places and dishes, by offering personalized recommendations.

Rhoé logo

Rhoé is developing an app that assists traffic authorities write tickets faster by automating the whole procedure.

Skilz logo

Skilz is an online course platform designed for SMEs and freelancers so they can grow their business and reach their full potential.

Videoscoutme logo

Videoscoutme, is an online platform that connects Athletes, Scouts and Agents with Videographers in order to acquire their Sports Video CV!

The program

Τeams are selected in consideration of the sustainability of their submitted proposal, and physical interviews. Once selected, they enter a 3-month program starting with a Bootcamp. Thereafter teams are assigned an OK!Thess coach to work towards creating a scalable business model. Each cycle terminates with a DEMO DAY.