Hosted Teams

Enchatted logo

Enchatted offers cutting-edge QA services for optimizing conversational user experiences and virtual agents.

Cyber Phalax logo

Cyber Phalanx provides affordable and accessible cybersecurity solutions.

Hellenic Soccer Union logo

We web mapping sports academies and companies to a marketplace.

Soulscan logo

Soulscan is developing an all-round mental health marketplace,

Youthnest logo

Youthnest supports and designs social development through innovative methods and the empowerement of young professionals.

QuantPool logo

We provide retail traders with an online marketplace of algorithmic strategies backed with comprehensive, simulated risk-reward analytics.

Wchess logo

e-learning chess platform.

iCry2Talk logo

iCry2Talk is a non-invasive intelligent interface that translates in real time the baby’s cry associating it with a specific need.

TremorFreeMe logo

TremorFreeMe introduces a medical wearable device to suppress hand tremor and facilitate patients in their everyday lives.

esend24 logo

A courier services solution that resolves transparency and cost issues for private and small businesses.

Thrive logo

Thrive EMS is a sales delivery company for pharmacies that want to thrive.

Visiony logo

We provide machine-driven data analytics to our users, offering innovative software and data solutions across blockchain Capital Market.

SeamEx logo

We develop an all-in-one web platform that creates compelling experiences for sport event participants.

Blue Urchin logo
Blue Urchin

We grow urchins. Sustainability in aquaculture with a new species which is rich in nutrients and addressing a premium market.

Freights logo

Freights is a platform that combines cargo exchange with a variety of services & help users to deal with their everyday challenges.

Proclisis logo

Proclisis is a procurement SaaS designed for Micro and Small-Medium construction enterprises that handle large volumes or complex purchases.

AidPlex logo

AidPlex is a HealthTech startup that provides a better treatment experience to patients with orthopedic problems, than the conventional solutions that are being used.

Skilz logo

Skilz is an online course platform designed for SMEs and freelancers so they can grow their business and reach their full potential.

Rhoé logo

Rhoé offers a hardware and software solution that assists mid-sized municipal authorities issue and handle fines faster, by automating the end-to-end process.

Loceye logo

Loceye aims to launch the first cross-platform software for eye tracking analysis.

Cubes Coding logo
Cubes Coding

CubesCoding, is developing a learning platform that contains a robot along with a tangible/graphical interface to help children, learn programming through playing.

GrekAddict logo

Grekaddict is a digital travel market for visitors of Thessaloniki to browse activities with instant booking.

The program

Τeams are selected in consideration of the sustainability of their submitted proposal, and physical interviews. Once selected, they enter a 3-month program starting with a Bootcamp. Thereafter teams are assigned an OK!Thess coach to work towards creating a scalable business model. Each cycle terminates with a DEMO DAY.