Meet the teams - OK!Thess 9th acceleration cycle

With 11 teams ready to develop their innovative business idea, the 9th acceleration cycle of OK! Thess began.

The interest in innovation and business that can be generated through the ecosystem of OK! Thess was high during the Open Call process to launch the 9th cycle of the acceleration program.

More than 45 teams applied for the OK! Thess program, of which, after the first evaluation, 18 were selected to attend the OK! Thess Bootcamp, a weekly intensive 25-hour workshops program.

Following the completion of the Bootcamp, which was carried out with the help of the Hellenic Volunteer Managers Center, the teams presented the idea to an evaluation committee consisting of representatives of the nine Thessaloniki entities involved in the OK! Thess project (Thessaloniki Municipality, Alexandria Innovation Zone, Aristotle University, University of Macedonia, International University, Hellenic Federation of Industries, Exporters' Association, Northern Greece Information Technology Business Association and Business and Culture Development Center).

The business ideas with the highest scores in terms of innovation and growth prospects were selected to participate in the 9th cycle of the OK! Thess acceleration program.

These are 11 teams with innovative proposals in the fields of tourism, sports, insurance, business software and other forms of technology.

The teams selected for the three-month acceleration program will attend a series of mandatory specialized core business workshops / masterclasses, weekly coaching by experienced executives and mentoring by top business leaders in the area on each team's needs.

Since the inception of OK! Thess, eight cycles of acceleration programs have been implemented through which 68 business efforts have been supported. Of the ideas that matured at OK! Thess, 25 have started business and some have clients worldwide and 30 are still in the process of being explored. More than 100 jobs have already been created by companies that started their business as OK! Thess teams.

The teams that are part of the 9th acceleration cycle of OK! Thess are:

1. Whiise: An educational platform designed to help musicians accelerate their professional development through selected online content and exclusive masterclasses.

2. Creativehash: A social platform with integrated personalized tests designed to help creative people improve themselves, grow their portfolio and find work easier.

3. Up For What: This is an online platform that uses various parameters to help users search for the sporting activity they are interested in quickly and easily.

4. Easybooks: The Easybooks application helps small and startup businesses with few employees and limited resources to access information systems capabilities that so far have only mature infrastructure companies.

5. REDOC: A suite of real estate, proprietor and rights-based applications and databases that helps real estate managers better organize information and accelerate their work using a specially designed platform that utilizes the modern capabilities of Cloud, BigData and IoT.

6. Smart Mobility Solutions: Offers smart communication solutions in the automotive, power generation and consumption sectors with the goal of making autonomous decisions directly and rationally through the use of object-based Internet of Things (IoT) and systematically automated processes through innovative platforms.  

7. Online tax filing platform with the help of internet and technology that aims to help Greek taxpayers save valuable time.

8. INFOMAX: Online Health Insurance Comparison Platform for a simplified selection of health insurance plans so that consumers have specialized support in their chosen program.

9. Outdoorpoints: An online platform mapped by all companies providing outdoor sports activities worldwide. Guests will be able to quickly find the activity they are looking for and make online reservations depending on the weather conditions in the area.

10. Momentor: A platform that can help micro-influencers capitalize on their reputation and make one-on-one video sessions with their fans.

11. Augmented Reality Travel Map: An augmented reality system for browsing online destinations and searching for services based on price, distance, season and personal interests.