Sales: From Opening to Closing - Open Masterclass, 19/12 at OK!Thess

OK!Thess organizes a series of open masterclasses offering the opportunity to the public to meet professionals with  deep knowledge and experience on specific subjects about bussiness and innovation.

Join us this Thursday, December 19th, 18.00 for a Masterclass on Sales: from opening to closing @OK!Thess

Moschovakis George, Group Commercial Director, Kleemann Group

Passalidis Vangelis, Head of Sales, Kleemann Hellas

Masterclass Program:

  • The role of selling
  • An introduction to Marketing and Sales strategy
  • Why buyers have the upper hand
  • Classic selling steps vs Contemporary selling steps
  • Defining and implementing selling strategies
  • Selling and the internet
  • Tips for startuppers