"COVID-19 Response Greece" in the fight against coronavirus

With a direct response to address the critical problems and needs arising from the pandemic, an open community of volunteers decided to help.

COVID-19 Response Greece is a new voluntary action created by initiative of people from the OK!Thess community and coordinated by companies and startups associated with OK!Thess and the broader technological innovation ecosystem of Thessaloniki.

COVID-19 Response Greece is an open team of volunteers with a scientific and technological background who closely monitor the problems and needs arising from the pandemic. The goal of the community is to respond and mobilize quickly through research and design of practical solutions to critical problems, free delivery of products and services, open access and open plans.

Within just days of launching the action, members of the community, led by Haris Jeremetzes, Dimitris Moustakas and Theodoros Alexandros Marioglou, designed and manufactured two different types of face shields for use by health care professionals, and can be manufactured with low cost and be available directly to hospitals. The first samples were already delivered on Monday 23/03 to AHEPA's management with the mediation of the President of the Panhellenic Medical Association Athanasios Exadaktylos.

Teams within the COVID-19 Response Greece community are running projects that are looking for solutions to deficiencies in different fields, such as surgical masks and non-invasive mechanical ventilation devices for patients. Ideas for new projects are discussed openly, workgroups are formed, actual needs are analyzed and projects go through research and development of solutions.

The community is open to anyone who has the time, training and time to contribute to this collective effort to tackle the problems posed by the pandemic. It is at the disposal of the pertinent authorities and health professionals who can point out critical problems and needs they have identified in order to design immediate solutions. In addition, healthcare professionals, scientists and engineers of all disciplines, production and supply chain specialists can contribute to the effort through providing their know-how. Finally, access to logistical infrastructure by companies, individuals and organizations is important as well as support for production and distribution needs.

Update on the effort of COVID-19 Response Greece on its website (www.covid19response.gr), Facebook (www.facebook.com/covidresponse) and Twitter (https://twitter.com/19Greece).

Supporters of "COVID-19 Response Greece"

The initiative is already supported by organizations such as the Panhellenic Medical Association, the Thessaloniki Medical Association and the Hellenic Volunteer Management Center.

The coordination of this voluntary action is held by the team of OK!Thess, and the co-founders of Ideas Forward who work together to coordinate with OK!Thess companies and startups such as AidPlex, Project Veltio, BIO2CHP, iCry2Talk, EROS, Astone, Thrive EMS, and more.

We all wish other agencies, individuals, businesses and startups from all over Greece will respond to this calling.